About Pots Of Tuscany

Like you, we’ve become admirers of the magnificent terracotta pots of Tuscany. Our established relationships with some of Tuscany’s finest craftsmen allows us to bring this time-honoured art directly to you.

Apart from their magnificent colour, the way in which they are made, and the high temperatures at which they are fired, ensures that your pots will be durable and resistant to exposure to the elements. In years to come, your Tuscan terracotta pots will still be unmistakable evidence of your love of superb craftsmanship.

It’s a love we share with you, and we strive to provide our customers with service that exhibits as much attention to detail and excellence as the artisans who make the products we supply. After all, dealing with us is only the beginning of the decades of enjoyment you’ll get from your Tuscan terracotta pots.

We’re proud that we supply the finest quality terracotta that the world can offer, brought directly to Australia from the little town of Impruneta in Tuscany, and we couple that with service to match. Browse our selection or contact us if you need a little help from the people who have made it their business to bring Tuscan warmth and style to your home garden.